Business Consulting Advisory Services


These services are aimed at assisting the top management of an organisation in deciding the strategic direction and ensuring functional heads buy into the vision of the organisation. We do this through the following:

  • CEO Room
    • It includes a strategic workshop customised to the client’s current business, operating model, geographic coverage, financial performance and competition. The workshop effectively leads to the preparation of a strategy map for the client. Once the strategy map is developed, Our People facilitates the buy-in of the functional heads of the organisation given that these people ‘deliver’ the top management’s vision.
  • Strategy action plans
    • Basis the strategy map developed in the workshop; Our People collaborates with each functional team over a series of sessions to develop their functional strategy.


We help businesses become more aware of their market, operating landscape, competition and own positioning. Our services typically include market size (volume and value), growth (historical and projected), demand-supply gap analysis, price point analysis, value chain, competitor analysis, drivers/challenges and trends, relevant models showing the business strengths and positioning, etc.


We develop comprehensive financial projections through detailed financial models covering a period of 3-5 years based on detailed assumptions and management discussions. The assumptions cover the detailed market scenario, operating model, regulatory aspects, pricing and margins basis competition, supply chain model, fixed and variable expenses, etc.


Companies preparing for a transaction or currently in an ongoing transaction need an analysis of the market and competition, supply chain and validation of the future projections of the business basis the management model, customer interviews, competition and market assessment. Along with these analysis, we also provide a reasonability assessment on the financial projections by the management along with a detailed report, which can be used by investors and financial institutions to formulate their view on the transaction.


Our specialist team assists companies in preparing detailed AOPs and budgets from a bottom-up perspective. It spans across departments and covers complex modelling and validation exercises across levels — plant and machinery level, sales and marketing, HR, IT, etc. It also includes detailed workshops to kick off and set common top-down and bottom-up objectives.

  • These AOPs are backed by detailed bottom-up functional level strategy action plans.
  • We also undertake quarterly monitoring against the AOPs developed.


Our People can assess the opportunity of potential savings in working capital by optimizing structural and operational processes, directly impacting working capital. This results in medium to long term sustainable savings rather than focusing on tactical levers to meet short-term goals. Key coverage includes:

  • Identification of areas for cash flow leakage optimisation: Designing a diagnostic workshop to assess current processes, terms and compliance levels for accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory and cash flow management
  • Benchmarking the working capital position of competitors
  • Analytics: Quantification and reasons for pressure on margins, revenue leakage, structuring, relevant ratios etc.
  • Savings: Quantification of sustainable savings opportunity
  • Working capital and cash flow planning: Developing an implementation roadmap to deliver the identified savings


  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Advice on setting up systems for planning, reporting and cost management in line with a client’s individual requirements
  • Operations transformation and cost management
  • Profit enhancement
  • Procurement risk management
  • Business integration
  • Customer management
  • Implementation planning & managementM



Deal Advisory for Domestic, Cross-Border Inbound and Outbound acquisition of businesses and strategic assets We will be involved at every step required for the successful closure of the transaction, including the following:

  • Developing the buy-side transaction strategy
  • Identifying the target/strategic partners, with the assistance of our local/overseas network firm in the respective geography, wherever required
  • Brainstorming regulatory and tax-related matters
  • Identifying and approaching strategic partners
  • Shortlisting the partners based on defined parameters
  • Negotiating terms and valuation with the shortlisted partners
  • Finalising the structure of MoU with the shortlisted partner
  • Managing the due diligence process
  • Reviewing and finalising transaction documents
  • Facilitating closure of the transaction

Deal advisory for divestments of businesses, disposal of strategic assets, identifying strategic partners and Joint Ventures As end-to-end deal advisors, we will be involved at every step required for the closure of a successful deal, including the following:

  • Developing a transaction strategy
  • Reviewing and finalising the business plan
  • Preparing information memorandum and other marketing documents
  • Identifying and approaching strategic partners
  • Finalising the structure of MoU
  • Negotiating terms and valuation
  • Managing the due diligence process
  • Reviewing and finalising the transaction documents
  • Facilitating closure of transaction


  • Strategy execution roadmap
  • Business value chain evolution
  • Organisational structure
  • Hiring priorities
  • Succession planning
  • Manpower optimisation
    • Performance enhancement:
    • Business process improvement
    • Supply chain improvement
    • Working capital optimisation
  • Employee engagement survey design and administration
  • Insights, analytics and reporting
  • Action planning workshops
  • Culture transformation and continuous employee listening solutions
  • Key performance indicators and individual/functional scorecards
  • Behavioural competency framework
  • Continuous performance development – processes, calendar, tools and roles
  • People manager foundations and performance coaching skill enhancement workshops
  • Job banding and pay range design
  • Increment and promotion guidelines
  • Short-term incentives
  • Long-term incentives (ESOPs, SARs, etc.)
  • Non-cash benefits programme
  • Social recognition-based reward


Private Equity Due Diligence - Due diligence services that are clearly linked to PE firms in evaluating an investment in a potential target.

  • Buy-side due diligence: Due diligence services that are linked to our corporate client’s requirements as purchasers/acquirers.
  • Sell-side/vendor initiated due diligence: A balanced and independent due diligence approach considering the management’s views and comments on the identified issues which would help the prospective purchaser take informed decisions.
  • Vendor Assistance: Due diligence services to identify potential impediments during an exit or to address value impacting issues at an early stage, helping clients take corrective action.


  • Transactions, which include restructuring and divestments for price determination/negotiation
  • Financing and strategic management purposes
  • Financial reporting purposes, which include purchase price allocation, testing for investment/goodwill impairment, ESOP valuation etc


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